Soil Test Pro is Your Complete Nutrient Management System

Soil sampling is easier than ever! Use Soil Test Pro to order soil sampling supplies, pull precision soil samples, choose a lab from our recommended list, and ship your samples. Our Precision Ag Specialists will notify you when your lab results have been posted to your Soil Test Pro Web Headquarters, usually in 3-5 days. In addition, we will be glad to work with you to create recommendations, prescription maps and controller files. Just give us a call.

Whether you’re just curious or need to build a new fertilizer recommendation and controller file, Soil Test Pro is ready when you are. After all, it’s your farm, your information, anytime, anywhere.

Soil Test Pro has two primary components:

Soil Test Pro has two Primary Components: Web Headquarters and Mobile App for Soil Sampling

Soil Test Pro Web Headquarters

Soil Test Pro Mobile App

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Download the Soil Test Pro mobile app on as many devices as you would like. Use the same username and password for both your Mobile App and your Web Headquarters. Download the app today and follow the sign up process -OR- click Sign Up below.

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More farmers are soil sampling using Soil Test Pro every day. With over 23,000 accounts nationwide, Soil Test Pro has become the farmer preferred tool for precision soil sampling.

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Draw your Fields online from your Web Headquarters -OR- GPS your Fields with your Mobile App.

Now you can…

How It Works

What It Costs

Starting as low as:

$500per acre
  • With most labs, a standard test on a 5 acre grid costs as low as $5.00 an acre.
  • More extensive lab test packages raise your cost of soil sampling.
  • The cost for Lab Test Packages varies by Lab.