Soil Test Pro now partnered with Beck's Hybrids
Beck's Hybrids now partnered with Soil Test Pro

Use Precision Soil Sampling to Enhance Your Seed Selection

Soil Test Pro's precision soil sampling solution helps take the guesswork out of the seed selection

Now you can:

  • Use precision soil test information to help with precision seed selection
  • Pull your own soil samples or hire Beck’s seed dealers to pull soil samples for you
  • View lab results using Soil Test Pro and Beck’s FARMserver™
  • Create variable rate application fertilizer files to put the right amount in the right place
Soil Test Pro and Beck's FARMserver are now integrated to bring precision soil sampling and soil test results into FARMserver

View Soil Test Pro Lab Results in your Beck’s FARMserver Account

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How Soil Test Pro Works

1. Create Soil Sample Jobs

Select the farm and field you wish to sample. Assign the Job to a user in your system, and choose a grid size.

2. Set Grids

Choose a grid size that best represents your fields. Remember, the grid is just a guide. Choose a grid size, adjust it, and set the grid.

Soil Test Pro Mobile Application

*Hover over the section you’d like to see

3. Mark Samples

GPS will guide you to the sample point. Pull 8-10 cores for each sample. Continue sampling at each grid point until you have finished the field.

4. View Results

Your lab results will be posted to your Soil Test Pro account in 3-5 days. View your results online or on your mobile device.

With Soil Test Pro:

  • Sample 500 acres a day
  • Exchange field boundaries with your FARMserver, John Deere Operations Center and Soil Test Pro accounts
  • View and print lab results (posts to your Soil Test Pro Web Headquarters in 3-5 days)
  • Make correct fertilizer decision based on your lab results
  • Build your own recommendations, variable rate prescriptions and controller files
  • Maximize potential for higher yields
  • View your complete soil sampling history to compare results year after year
  • Keep on sampling without a cell connection

Soil Sampling Labs You Can Choose From:

  • A&L Great Lakes Agricultural Lab (IN)
  • AgLab Express (SD)
  • AgSource Bonduel (WI)
  • AgSource Laboratories (IA)
  • AgSource Laboratories (NE)
  • Minnesota Valley Testing Labs (MN)
  • SGS Toulon (IL)
  • Spectrum Analytic, Inc (OH)
  • Ward Labs (NE)
  • Waters Agricultural Laboratories (GA)
  • Waters Agricultural Laboratories (KY)
  • Waters Agricultural Laboratories (NC)
  • Waypoint Analytical Eastern (VA)
  • Waypoint Analytical Florida (FL)
  • Waypoint Analytical Illinois (IL)
  • Waypoint Analytical Iowa (IA)
  • Waypoint Analytical Memphis (TN)
  • Waypoint Analytical North Carolina (NC)