Use Soil Test Pro Custom Sampling to Enhance Your Growers Seed Selection

Soil Test Pro SP - Mobile Soil Testing App
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You can soil sample 500-1000 acres a day depending on the grid size.

Soil Test Pro Custom Sampler Request Form for Beck’s Hybrids Dealers

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Use Precision Soil Sampling to Enhance Your Seed Selection

Soil Test Pro's precision soil sampling solution helps take the guesswork out of the seed selection

Now you can:

  • Use precision soil test information to help with precision seed selection
  • Pull your own soil samples or hire Beck’s seed dealers to pull soil samples for you
  • View lab results using Soil Test Pro and Beck’s FARMserver™
  • Create variable rate application fertilizer files to put the right amount in the right place
Soil Test Pro and Beck's FARMserver are now integrated to bring precision soil sampling and soil test results into FARMserver

View Soil Test Pro Lab Results in your Beck’s FARMserver Account

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Precision Soil Sampling Tools

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Soil Test Pro Service Provider now Integrated with the Beck's FARMserver

Manage your soil sampling operation from the office on your Soil Test Pro Web Headquarters and in the field on your Soil Test Pro Mobile App. Receive soil sample job requests from your customers, or build soil sample jobs for your customers. Pull GPS referenced soil samples and ship the samples to the lab of the customer’s choice. You and your customers will be notified when soil test results have been posted. You and/or your customers can build unlimited recommendations & controller files.

With Soil Test Pro SP you can:

  • Precision soil sample with your phone or tablet
  • Manage your operation anywhere on your Soil Test Pro Web Headquarters or in the field on your Soil Test Pro Mobile App
  • Create soil sample jobs to grid or zone sample your customers fields
  • Easily build Recommendations and Controller Files for all monitor types
  • Create Soil Test Pro accounts for your customers so they can view soil test results in their system
  • Stay organized. Keep up with your customers complete history of Soil Test Results
  • Soil sample the right field — every time — with the Navigate to Field function
  • Get the soil sample job done regardless of cellular connection – none required

Soil Sampling Labs You Can Choose From:

  • A&L Great Lakes Agricultural Lab (IN)
  • AgLab Express (SD)
  • AgSource Bonduel (WI)
  • AgSource Laboratories (IA)
  • AgSource Laboratories (NE)
  • Minnesota Valley Testing Labs (MN)
  • Spectrum Analytic, Inc (OH)
  • Ward Labs (NE)
  • Waters Agricultural Laboratories (GA)
  • Waters Agricultural Laboratories (KY)
  • Waters Agricultural Laboratories (NC)
  • Waypoint Analytical Eastern (VA)
  • Waypoint Analytical Florida (FL)
  • Waypoint Analytical Illinois (IL)
  • Waypoint Analytical Iowa (IA)
  • Waypoint Analytical Memphis (TN)
  • Waypoint Analytical North Carolina (NC)