Better Days Through Better Ways

The Game Changer in FFA Fundraising

Better Days Through Better Ways is a fundraising program to raise money, teach precision agriculture practices, and build relationships with local growers. Soil Test Pro is used nationwide by farmers interested in managing and controlling their nutrient application activities.

Why It Works

The Value of Soil Test Pro

Soil Test Pro is the #1 soil sampling software on the market today. Precision grid sampling is a cutting edge, fundamental tool to test soil and maximize the potential of higher yields. With Soil Test Pro, growers can draw fields using GPS, generate recommendations, and create variable rate controller files. By bringing this technology into the field, growers are soil sampling faster than ever. Soil Test Pro works with local school groups and local growers to teach students on-the-farm experience while seeking better days through better ways

Student Certification

Knowledge is power. The Responsible Nutrient Management Foundation has created a Soil Sampler Field Certification that will be highly recommended for every student wanting to participate in this fundraiser. During the short certification process students will learn terminology, the importance of soil sampling, and general knowledge about soil. Students who have the RNMF Soil Sampler Field Certificate will insure a farmer that their soil is being sampled by well-informed, young professionals.

Educationally Beneficial

Soils, Sales, and Agronomy teams learn with on-the-farm experience by selling and providing growers with a product that has multi-year value. Soil Test Pro is a cutting edge tool for agriculture and is fundamental for soil health and optimum yields. Students learn by using Soil Test Pro and transferring Precision Ag Technology to the farmers for a learning experience they will never forget.

Environmentally Sound

Grid sampling provides farmers with the information they need to apply exactly what’s needed, precisely where it’s needed. Grid sampling and VRA technology makes strong economic and environmental sense while addressing many environmental best practices.


Soil Test Pro provides all the tools necessary to grid test. Outline a field using GPS, set a grid, pull your samples and ship them off. It’s fast and easy. Sample over 1,000 acres per day on a 5-acre grid. Soil Test Pro delivers the results straight to the farmer’s Soil Test Pro Web Headquarters.

How It Works

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How Do You Make Money?

  1. Soil Test Pro charges your chapter $2 an acre plus lab testing fees.
  2. While the final cost varies with most labs, a standard test on a 5 acre grid costs as low as $4.50 an acre. The price per acre that is charged to the farmer is at the discretion of the chapter. We recommend charging $3 an acre, which is the going rate for soil sampling.
  3. Once the field is sampled, the chapter collects the money from the farmer.
  4. Soil Test Pro then invoices the chapter for the $2 an acre plus lab testing fees. Everything left over is profit for your chapter
Soil Test Pro - Illustration

Call our Customer Service and they will assist you in setting up an account for your local FFA Chapter.