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Soil Sampler Certification Program

Soil Sampling 101

The Soil Sampler Field Certification is a basic introduction to soil sampling procedures, collection methods and soil nutrients. Completion of the Soil Sampler Field Certification should provide soil samplers with the knowledge to provide consistent samples to their labs, therefore maximizing the value of results.

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Soil Test Pro is a product of TapLogic, LLC.

TapLogic is proud to be a founding member of the Responsible Nutrient Management Foundation.

RNMF encourages responsible nutrient management. TapLogic partnered with RNMF because we believe in responsible nutrient management, also. We brand the concept “measure first” and implement it by showing customers that when they soil sample, they see what’s in their soil with laboratory analysis. This is their soil nutrient content. When a grower measures their soil nutrient content with the use of nutrient management software like Soil Test Pro, they receive crop and yield recommendations. These recommendations help them to apply the correct amount of fertilizer in the correct places in their fields.

Spend less money; grow more bushels. This is the goal of every grower. At TapLogic, we aim to make a grower’s job easier. This should be the purpose of any good farm information management system.

The core values of being responsible with your land and environmental stewardship lay the groundwork that formed our partnership with RNMF. These values drive our day-to-day operation of instilling responsible nutrient management into our systems and into the hands of our growers.